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Sun-Times Reports That Joakim Noah Has Told His Teammates He's Done With The Bulls Because He Doesn't Trust The Front Office

Rapid reaction:

Let’s all take a little bit to decide if we should take a Joe Cowley column in the Chicago Sun-Times at face value or not. With how big of a dumpster fire the Bulls were last season it’s easy to believe any negative story you see. At the same time though, this really isn’t a surprise if it is true. Noah was clearly unhappy with being asked to come off the bench last season and was about as big of a Thibs guy as they come.

Now was Fred wrong for tossing Noah to the bench in the first place? No. Hoibergs job is to put them in a position to win games. He didn’t do a great job at that last season, but he obviously felt that this would be Noah’s best role for the team. Noah didn’t like it and before any of it could shake out, his season came to an abrupt halt when he got injured. My point about all of this is that we all knew this moment was possibly coming and it was really a matter of who would strike first because I wouldn’t say that the Bulls were exactly clamoring to bring him either.

Noah is without question one of my favorite Chicago Bulls of all time. The dude brought it every night he was dressed to play and if he wasn’t dressed to play he was still just as much into it by going nuts in a suit every time the Bulls made a big play. But the fact is he’s had a steady decline since that Wizards series in 2014. It’s really the strangest thing if you think about it. The guy had people putting him in the MVP conversation for the whole 2014 season and then as soon as the playoffs hit it was like the MonStars stole his talent. If he really is done everybody in Chicago should wish him nothing but the best and hope he gets a ring.

The real story here is that we have assistant coaches being informants and this guy doesn’t trust that guy and does anybody like Gar? Is Hoiberg an NBA coach? Yada fuckin yada. It’s all a mess. But, hey I just seen a blog that mentioned us drafting Domantas Sabonis. Sounds great lets re-sign Gasol too and keep getting bigger while the league goes smaller. But, hey at least we have a long history of making the playoffs that will make us a prime destination for free agents!

It’s all a damn mess.