Legendary Minor League Baseball Manager Joe Mikulik Is Back At It Again With Another Ejection Blow-up


Joe Mikulik is a legend of the game. You may remember him from any one of his numerous ejection tirades. He’s thrown bats on the field, he’s taken his clothes off and left em at home plate, he’s done it all. Some people were put on this earth to fix cars. Some were put on this earth to be doctors and help others. Well that’s fine and dandy, but Joe Mikulik was put on this earth for one reason, and that’s to make minor league umpires regret they ever lived.


Every tantrum he throws is just as authentic as the last. The bottom of those bases are far from cushy, you don’t just punt those things for show. And that helmet throw shows this isn’t his first rodeo. Puts it right on the bag.  Gotta appreciate a guy who doesn’t care about keeping a clean image and climbing the ladder to coach in the bigs. He’s just a minor league lifer, grinding it out every day. What a legend.


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