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Trump Rally Pops Off In Albuquerque...Dude Throws A Freaking Gate At The Cops

NBCPolice threw smoke devices and used what appeared to be pepper spray on crowds in Albuquerque on Tuesday after protests near a Donald Trump event turned violent, officials said.

“Several” officers were injured after being hit by rocks, and at least one person was arrested, according to authorities.

At around 8 p.m., protesters opposed to the presumptive GOP nominee rushed past a barricade and officers in riot gear were called in to block the locked entrance of the venue where the rally was being held.

Protesters burned pro-Trump flags and signs and threw rocks and bottles during a brief but tense confrontation outside the Albuquerque Convention Center after Trump was finished speaking, and again later as police tried to move crowds out of the area.

Police said smoke devices were used against the crowds, not tear gas. Some kicked the devices back at officers.

Who throws a gate?! Seriously!


A gate! Absolutely savage protest move. You don’t see that often. The rocks, the street signs, sure. But a full gate right at a horseback cop’s head, that’s a rarity.

Think these idiots know how much they help Trump’s campaign out with this stuff? I mean when they’re throwing their hissy fits and literally attacking the police does it ever cross their mind that they’re only making the people who hate their protesting guts support Trump even more? Seriously a lot of pro Trump people don’t even really like Trump…they just HATE you.


Hope they tracked the gate-thrower down and tested out Trump’s new waterboard policy out on him.