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Breaking News: 2nd Show Added To KFC Radio Live: Couchella 2016

Click here to buy tickets to the 10pm show

Alright so the first show at Carolines on June 9th sold out in a heartbeat. Announced it on a Friday and it was gone by that Monday. Saw a decent amount of people saying they slept on tickets and didnt think they’d move that fast. Even saw some people hawking their tickets on twitter. Goddam KFC Radio black market shit.

So we added a second show. First show 7:30pm, second show 10pm. Now since we’re not actually comedians its not like a real comedy show where you just do the same material twice. So I think we’re just gonna have a second batch of voicemails? We’re just gonna do back to back episodes, really. So if you have tickets to the 730 show and you’re sick enough to want to spend the whole night with us, you can buy tickets to the 10pm. And if you missed out on the first show, nows your chance to get involved. We’ll probably be drunk by that episode kicking off so I’m sure it will be a disaster.

Thursday, June 9th, 730pm & 10pm at Carolines on Broadway. Get involved.

Click here to buy tickets to the 10pm show