Some Women's Fitness Clothing Company Includes Instructions For How To Take Better Butt Selfies In Their Shorts




First of all:




But second of all, this is actually really helpful information I feel like. I mean yeah there definitely will be some Internet outrage to come over sexualizing fitness attire blah blah but given where we are in the world in 2016, isn’t this the most helpful information for the people buying these products? The Jezebel reader types who complain about this are 100% not buying sexy fitness attire tailor made for perfect Instagram/Tinder/Bumble pics. It’s the sexy girls or girls who are trying to play like they’re hot online who could really use this information and, at the same time, make their product look better on social media too. By now every girl knows that you’re supposed to hold your camera above your eye line to make your face look slimmer or that the second Snapchat filter makes your face look the least ugly. But booty shots are one of those outlier things where most girls just aren’t putting in the time and effort to be great. And that’s where we look to the Instagram girls or other various Internet-based sluts who’ve put in their Malcolm Gladwell-required 10,000 hours of hoeing to guide us. It’s all about adding knowledge to the universe and I’m sure we all know a girl or two who could stand to be slightly more educated.


Also you’re lying to yourself if you don’t want to try this and see how your ass looks:



Full disclosure I tried the red girl’s pose first and it not only A) Looked somehow 10,000 times even gayer which frankly seems numerically impossible and B) Was almost too sensual of a booty pic to post to social media. So that’s really the one pic guide you want to send to your girl up front with some “Lol check this out isn’t that crazy! No I mean, if you want to try it that’d be pretty funny!” texts accompanying it. Anywhere here are some more pics of the chick in the photos, a former WWE girl who also owns the clothing company named Celeste Bonin, to balance out forcing you to see mine:







(h/t r/mildlyinteresting)