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Congress Issues Scathing Report Saying Everything Roger Goodell Said About Concussion Research Is A Lie



WASHINGTON At least a half-dozen top NFL health officials waged an improper, behind-the-scenes campaign last year to influence a major U.S. government research study on football and brain disease, congressional investigators have concluded in a new report. The 91-page report describes how the NFL pressured the National Institutes of Health to strip the $16 million project from a prominent Boston University researcher and tried to redirect the money to members of the league’s committee on brain injuries. The study was to have been funded out of a $30 million “unrestricted gift” the NFL gave the NIH in 2012. After the NIH rebuffed the NFL’s campaign to remove Robert Stern, an expert in neurodegenerative disease who has criticized the league, the NFL backed out of a signed agreement to pay for the study, the report shows. Taxpayers ended up bearing the cost instead. The NFL’s actions violated policies that prohibit private donors from interfering in the NIH peer-review process, the report concludes, and were part of a “long-standing pattern of attempts” by the league to shape concussion research for its own purposes. “In this instance, our investigation has shown that while the NFL had been publicly proclaiming its role as funder and accelerator of important research, it was privately attempting to influence that research,” the report states.

Oh the NFL lied to congress, taxpayers and the general public about the independence of their concussion research? You mean Roger Goodell the guy who said Justin Strzelczyk got CTE from hitting his head in the pool and not from a lifetime of football lied?  They didn’t want to let an unbiased 3rd party evaluate the facts fairly? They wanted to pay a friend of the program to give them the results they wanted? Where have I heard that before?

You know what the NFL reminds me of right now? FIFA. An organization that is so huge, so rich, so seemingly indestructible that the people running it have completely lost touch with reality. It’s not just that they play by their own rules. It’s not just that they know they play by their own rules. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. They are so brazen with the way they treat the public. All they do is lie, cheat and steal and then act like people are too stupid to realize it. This type of hubris brought down FIFA. It brought down Hilter when he tried to invade the USSR in winter. Eventually it will bring down Goodell.  Mark it down.