Floyd Mayweather Had Drake And Future Perform At His Daughter's Sweet Sixteen






I guess this is supposed to be pretty cool that Floyd Mayweather can shockingly afford to have Future and Drake perform at his daughter’s birthday, but I can’t get over how pathetic this makes them look. You guys aren’t dudes hustling on the street corner, trying to get people to throw you a fiver for your mixtape so you can get your name out there, you’re two of the biggest rappers in the world. What amount of money makes this worthwhile? People always joke and say, “Ah I wouldn’t even get out of bed for that much” but what’s the pricetag for incredibly rich guys to perform in front of a bunch of people they can’t have sex with? You’d have to pay me to go to a sixteen year olds cousin’s birthday, let alone show up at a strangers and be their court jester.