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We Got Our First Donald Trump Ad Targeting Bill Clinton's Ugly Past With Women

After countless news stories, debates, blogs, and tweets, we are almost ready for the main event. Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. I wondered how long it was going to take until Slick Willy got hit with some Ether. And the answer is May 23, 2016. Just a picture of Bill Clinton smoking a cigar with the caption “Is Hillary really protecting women?” would have been a right hook to the Clintons. Add in some creepy ass music and creepier testimony and here we are. It didn’t even take until the first debate for Trump to use this ace in the hole, which means this is going to be just as ugly as we all imagined it could. A Bubba Sparxxx level of ugly, likely from both sides. I am excited for what this upcoming political gutter war means for me as a blogger and terrified for what this means for me as an American at the same time.

That being said, if the Trump camp ends every Hillary ad with her awful laugh, the path to the White House goes through Trump Towers. Weaponizing a person’s laugh against themselves is one of the most diabolical moves somebody can pull, but I have no choice but to tip my hat to Trump. All-time weirdo, creepy laugh out of Hillary. And unfortunately for Hill Dawg, “your husband once dipped a cigar in his intern’s vagina and put it in his mouth” jokes basically write themselves. Trump wins Round 1 for sure and the fight hasn’t even started yet.