Yvonne Strahovski From 'Dexter' And 'Chuck' Followed Up The Sloan From 'Entourage' Nudes With A Tremendous Movie Sex Scene




PREVIOUSLY: Sloan from Entourage Says What Up…Goes Topless In Photo Shoot


So a couple weeks back Sloan from Entourage released the hounds for a photoshoot and it was one of those “Everyone on the Internet rejoicing at once” kind of moments that only sports, TV dramas involving dragons, and celebrity nudes can really provide. And while Sloan will get the hype for having more pop culture crossover for a generation of guys loving the Entourage fantasy, Yvonne Strahovski, so underratedly sexy on Chuck for years, doing some really aggressive sex scenes in a movie called Manhattan Night with Adrien Brody goes well above and beyond a simple classy black and white tit shot.




And while I still would say Sloan wins the head to head on titty size if nothing else and you have to deduct some points for Adrien Brody’s Toucan Sam snout being wedged in between her butt cheeks, this overall performance goes above and beyond Sloan’s in my opinion. Just something more real about getting raw dogged in a hallway, rubbing one out in a shower, and slyly letting that towel drop. Especially when you consider that on Dexter her character had a ton of sex scenes but they all were a body double, seeing these GIFs sort of made up for the fact that I wasted far too many hours of my life watching the last few seasons of the show. Her going naked for this role instead really shows a maturity/sexy commitment to character that just does it for me as both a former theatre minor and nude scene connoisseur. Solid A- effort all around. Now it’s all up to Topanga to dump em out on Girl Meets World sometime in the coming weeks to complete a random semi-nostalgic TV titties trio. Don’t let us down.