North Carolina Pulls Off The Upset, Knock Off Notre Dame On Their Way To Philly

I thought that Navy taking down Yale would be the biggest upset of the tournament but for the 2nd time this season, the North Carolina Tar Heels got the best of Notre Dame and are heading to the Final Four for the first time since 1993. The team that went 9-6 in the regular season is advancing to the Final Four. The team that really only got into the tournament was because they completed a ridiculous 4th quarter comeback against the Irish in the regular season. The unranked Tar Heels are heading to Philly and after this performance today, expect them to #MakeSomeNoise for sure.

(Shoutout to South Jersey boy Steve Pontrello going to work today. I’m sure he’d love to be at The OD this Memorial Day Weekend but I guess he’ll have to settle for Lincoln Financial Field instead).

Still not really sure what happened with Notre Dame today. This was by far their worst 60-minute performance of the year. They were forcing passes offensively, missing shots and missing them bad, and then defensively they were just losing guys inside all day long. Pretty ill-advised game plan if you ask me but what would I know. Tough way for those seniors to go out but now you have a North Carolina team who has found a way to create offense without guys like Sankey and Bitter on the team anymore. They have Pontrello and the big fella Chris Cloutier to thank for that.

Loyola vs Towson on ESPNU now. Pat Spencer vs Tyler White. I suggest giving it a watch if you like to have fun.