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Watching This Viral Video Of A Lady Laughing In Her Chewbacca Mask Is The Happiest I've Been In Years



Big shout out to Candace Payne for really brightening up my day and making me laugh. I haven’t felt a passionate emotion except anger in, I don’t know, two years probably? But, man was that video delightful. Just a gal and her talking Chewbacca mask that her kids are probably gonna confinscate as soon as she gets home, but she’s living it up in the moment. Happiest person on planet earth and doesn’t even care that it’s not movie quality. Nothing wrong with witnessing a happy person as long as it’s in moderation and Candace just gave me an ear-to-ear smile that’s going to last for a real solid three minutes before I remember I’m ugly, poor, and am going to get cancer someday. Thank you those brief moments of happiness, however.