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Now Puffy Is Saying That Anthony Mason Was Indeed The Knick In "I Got A Story To Tell"

“I Got A Story To Tell” story at 9:27

You hear that bullshit? Puffy just casually dropping that “I Got A Story To Tell” is his favorite Biggie album right now as he promotes an entire concert tour. These goddamn rappers will say anything to get that cash and Puffy was never any different. Sure he was a great businessman and sampled only the finest beats during his heyday. But he was also all in the video, all on the record, dancing. Everything was just as much about Puff than anybody else. So to have him corroborate with Fat Joe’s story about two dead people that cannot correct them makes perfect sense. It’s been about the Benjamins since the dawn of time and idiots like me posting blogs is only helping spread the fire. But I can’t help myself. I need to defend Anthony Mason’s memory if none of these rappers that likely once idolized him will.

And you know who I want to hear from? Charles Oakley. Lets get a Knick to tell their story about what happened. Was it Mason? If so, what really happened? I’m sticking to my big gut that it was John Starks and not one of the baddest dudes in NBA history. Someone get Charles Oakley on a podcast and have him spit some truth on wax (I’m really trying to bring that back). If he says it was Anthony Mason, it was Anthony Mason. You don’t go into the trenches for years like Oak and Mase did without sharing stories nobody else knows. So until the Oakman weighs in, I’m going to keep fighting the good fight against these usurpers (I don’t think that’s the right word for this, but I love when they say it on Thrones).

That being said, if it was Anthony Mason, this all ties in together really well.

I also was thinking about sticking out like a sore thumb and going to the Bad Boy concert tomorrow night in Brooklyn, but if there’s no Biggie hologram, there’s no point in going. And this snippet from the concert on the Today Show did them no favors either.

And since it’s Friday, here are the concerts to watch to finish off this week the right way.

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