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Scott Disick Accidentally Posted The Instructions For One Of His Sponsored Instagram Posts

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This actually pisses me off. Normally I don’t care how the Kardashian clan (or any off shoot of the Kardashian clan like Scott Disick) make their money. They don’t really do anything but they’re are really good at it and people pay attention to them for whatever reason. More power to them. If you can do nothing and keep making money, god bless. But this? Just copying and pasting the instructions from an e-mail straight into the post? No no no. I’m okay with Scott making money by doing almost literally nothing. Everybody’s gotta eat. I’m not okay with him being stupid too. One job, Scott. One job. Promote that product like you actually mean it. And listen, I know any time one of this Instagram celebs post a picture holding a product that it’s an endorsement, but humor me. At least make it seem real. It’s like picking up a prostitute. She doesn’t mean anything she says to you but at least make me feel like it’s real.



PS- Flip side, this is a stroke of genius marketing. I had never once looked at a Scott Disick instagram post before this one. This story is all over the place. The guy has 15.9 million Instagram followers so he probably doesn’t need the extra exposure but I’m sure Boot Tea doesn’t mind the extra eye balls.