Black Bear Spotted Laying Claim To University Of Delaware's Campus


This is as typical Delaware as it gets and supports my notion that Delaware is not a real state. It is simply something you drive through unless you stop for the school (we will get to that in a bit) or the Dover raceway (some where you go with your dad if you’re 8 or if you’re 15 and older and from the South Jersey Pines).

For me, I go to party down at the University of Delaware once a year. I make sure I enter at dusk and I am throwing up in the Wawa bathroom, escaping that hell hole by dawn. You never want to reach 9 am in Delaware, you might get trapped, brainwashed, and become a resident. So I am proud to say I was not shocked when I saw a black bear running around campus in that godforsaken sad excuse of a state. DAMN IT DELAWARE.

Also, bears. Black, brown, Grizzly – I don’t give a shit. No thank you. Especially when Mama Bear is right around the corner.