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Twin Sisters Make $30K A Month Posting Ass Selfies On Instagram

Daily MailTalk about making the most of your assets. The enormous bums on these two curvy twins net them over £20,000 a month.

Nadia and Dana Bruna, 30, had their bottoms enlarged and now make a fortune posting bum selfies, or ‘belfies’ to their legions of fans.

The famous behinds, which measure 102cm each, have helped the duo amass over 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

The Argentinian pair, from Miami Florida, can afford to sustain a life of luxury. They have even had over £41,000 worth of surgery completely free because they advertised the results on social media.

They had to transfer three kilograms of fat from other areas of their bodies to adequately enlarge their bottoms.

The circumference of the ‘Belfie Queens” behinds have subsequently swelled to over a metre in thickness thanks to their dedication to plastic surgery.

Between Supe and Instagram ‘we make between $15,000 and $17,000 a month each. In total it is around $30,000 together’, she added.

Cheaters! Boo! BOO!! Listen I do not give a shit about steroids in baseball. I do not give a shit about steroids in football, or basketball, or any sports. I want my athletes big and strong and powerful and recovering quicker from injuries and mashing balls 600 feet and throwing balls 150 mph. But that DOES NOT apply to the Instagram game and it especially DOES NOT apply to the Instagram ass game. Cheater asses are a disgrace. Cheater asses are forbidden.

And these asses stink. STINK. I don’t even want to feed into their Instagram accounts and their monthly salary, it literally pains me to do this, but I’m a professional and a true professional doesn’t post a blog about ass selfies without posting pictures of the ass selfies.

Need more tattoos. Maybe add some tattoos.


$360K a year for posting pictures of your butt on social media. What a world.