Bella Hadid Wore The Sexiest Dress I've Ever Seen At Cannes





No hyperbole. No kidding around. That’s the sexiest dress I’ve ever seen in my life. Hot as fucking lava. That dress is so hot that I may or may not have my dick out right now. You’ll never know but HOLY SHIT. If I had seen her in real life wearing that dress, I’d pass out on the spot. Right then and there. Out cold. It’s crazy to me that that red carpet isn’t littered with the bodies of passed out paparazzi who couldn’t handle Bella in that dress. Mother of god. She’s almost got a Catherine Zeta-Jones thing going on and I like it a lot. It’s weird too because I’m super in love with Gigi Hadid but Bella strutting that ass around in that red dress has me feeling some type of way. If I stare at those pictures any longer than I have my eyes are gonna fall out.