Some Weird Dude Tells An Even Weirder Story Involving Kanye West, Banana Pudding And Anal Sex


A couple things first. Who the hell is that guy and who the hell is that girl? I fancy myself pretty hip to the new music scene but I have no idea who that guy is and why he’d have access to Kanye’s house. But I believe the story he told because it’s fucking weird and that’s Kanye’s thing. I’ll tell you another reason why I believe it. Have you ever gone on YouTube and searched like “Kanye in the studio” or “Kanye making beats”? If you have, you know that Kanye loves having lots of people around and there’s mostly chaos surrounding him when he’s in the studio. It’s bizarre. Most people need peace and quiet when they’re doing any sort of work but Yeezy seems to be the exact opposite. People walking in and out of the studio, TVs blaring, 30 guys in Roc-A-Fella chains all over the place, etc etc. So Kanye seemingly out of nowhere throwing on some anal sex porn and eating Kim’s banana pudding isn’t that weird in retrospect. That’s just Kanye being Kanye.


However, the craziest part of that story is where Kanye ate chicken after eating banana pudding. I’m on board with mostly all of Kanye’s quirks because I think he’s fascinating and makes great music but the second you rock the boat on what order we eat certain foods, I’m fucking out. Kanye can watch all the butt sex porn he wants in the studio. He can have butt sex in the studio with Kim if he wants to. But dessert is always last because it’s the best. Always has been and always will be.