Of Course Pierre Interviewing Kessel Led To An Awkward Moment, Of Course

This is what we in the industry call a natural phenomena, serendipity, a miracle if you will. Two of hockey’s most awkward colliding and creating a big bang of awkwardness for all of the internet to enjoy. Pierre asks a simple question, but like the weirdo that he is words it terribly. Kessel responds in the most Kessel way possible and tell it like it is. And there we have it, one of the biggest naturally induced awkward moments in hockey.

Gotta give it to Phil though, he knows millions of people are watching. He knows he’s the butt end of every hot dog/fat joke that’s ever been made. He know’s he’s a walking, talking meme and still tells it like it is.

“Hey Phil, hows your breath?”

“Oh man it fucking stinks eh, haven’t brushed in weeks lol”

There’s a lot of people in this world that like to act like shit doesn’t phase them but there really is not a god damn thing in this world that phases Phil Kessel. Except hot dogs of course.