In Least Shocking News Ever, Lenny Dykstra Says He Put HGH In His Cereal




Love how casual that was. Did you ever use HGH Lenny? What? Are you serious? I put that shit in my cereal. I poured it in my water because I loved the taste. I brushed my teeth with that shit and didn’t rinse my mouth after. When my kids had nightmares I’d put a little HGH on their gums to help them fall asleep at night. You know the old saying there are no dumb questions only dumb answers? Well that doesn’t apply here. I know Colin had to ask it that way but man was that a dumb question. There are certain guys where you look back and there is no doubt in your mind that they were on HEAVY steroids and outside of Jose Canseco and Brady Anderson’s totally random 50 home run season, Lenny Dykstra was  number 1. Actually respect how much he owns it. Everyone was on steroids back then just not everyone admits to it.




Lenny is redefining the internet game. Not sure if I’m on twitter or watching an episode of are you afraid of the dark.