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ESPN Asks The Question Everybody Is Wondering: Is Beyonce An Athlete?




ESPN – Artistic craft and athleticism aren’t that different. Beyoncé approaches her work with principles similar to those champions live by: You see her same attitude in the proactive hustle of Serena Williams’ enterprising plays, the precision of Gabby Douglas’ routines. The best moments in sports are the result of the same gorgeously crafted technique that makes for inspiring art. Think Michael Jordan’s iconic flight from the free throw line and the drama of Steph Curry’s 400th 3-pointer.

Yoncé has always been the shooter that stays alone in the gym when there is no one left to rebound. As a result of this work ethic, she will frequently perform a physical feat that spurs our collective heart into adrenaline-fueled rapture. For example, she transformed a near-fall into a graceful jump squat, live and in heels, before syncing right back into her signature high-energy choreography during her Super Bowl 50 halftime show appearance. Another time, she danced and sang a span of four octaves while five months pregnant, again live and in heels, at the 2011 MTV Video Music awards.



Umm what the fuck was that? I honestly thought I was reading a PFT article. Just totally and utterly preposterous headline to see on ESPN. Like I kept waiting to hear the part about how Beyonce was an all state track star or hoop player. Nope. Just that she’s metaphorically the last person in the gym working on her jump shot whatever that means. And I guess one time she almost tripped during a show but managed to pop back up quickly. No word on what happened here though



I guarantee you this. MJ never fell down a flight of stairs face first. Just a bananaland article from ESPN. Working hard doesn’t make you an athlete. You know what does make you an athlete though? Having faster hands then Delino Deshields. That’s an athlete.