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Chris Brown And His Boys Got Kicked Off A Private Plane Because They Allegedly Hot Boxed It

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PH- On Wednesday, it was reported that Chris Brown was tossed off a private plane after he reportedly hotboxed the jet. SERIOUSLY? It’s said the police were called to Signature Aviation at Miami International Airport after the pilot of the Loyal singer’s aircraft reported a STRONG marijuana smell coming from the cabin. Off! To make matters worse, the pilot had apparently already warned the 27-year-old and his crew not to smoke on the plane — a warning Chris clearly ignored. While no arrests were made, Brown and his posse were kicked off the flight after the cops also smelled pot. Supposedly, the aircraft smelt so strongly of weed that the captain had to open all of the doors and air out the plane. It’s like Chris learned NOTHING from Justin Bieber’s flying HIGH experiences! Still, C. Breezy has since refuted these accusations by taking to Instagram




Chris Brown Disclaimer: Fuck this piece of shit. I wish the plane had crashed and he died along with all his friends. The fact that this dude is still allowed to be rich and famous and not in jail and other artists still work with him after what he did to Rihanna’s face is absolutely absurd. He is scum. Pure scum and I hope he gets hit by a bus today.



With ALL of that said, what’s the point of a private plane if you can’t do whatever the fuck you want on it? That defeats the purpose of a private plane in my eyes. You get a private plane and spend the extra money so you can do things you’re not allowed to do on a normal flight. That’s the point of a private plane, no? So you can do things like smoke weed. Or walk around naked. Or fuck groupies. Or do back flips. Or whatever. That has to be part of the private plane experience otherwise you’re just on a normal plane but by yourself. Which, by the way, would be worth it to have a private plane simply so you don’t have to listen to babies crying or people snoring. BUT if I wanna hot box a private plane, I should be able to hot box a private plane. Private planes should like international waters or Las Vegas. Anything goes. And if the pilot doesn’t like it? Shove a couple Benjamin Franklins in his pocket and roll another blunt. The private plane pilot bitching about weed smoke makes him a narc. Private plane pilots should be cool with just about everything. It’s part of the job.