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Jordan Spieth Can Hit A Marshmallow Off A Golf Ball And Into His Mouth Apparently




To be totally honest I don’t know how that works. It’s obviously possible because I just watched it happen with my own two eyes but I still don’t get it. Not sure how many tries it took Spieth to do that but any number less than 5,000 and I’ll be impressed. If he did it on the first try then he’s some sort of trick shot warlock. Life is all about perspective. Is Jordan Spieth struggling right now after his meltdown at the Masters and missing the cut at The Players? Yeah a lot of people are saying that and maybe they’re right. It will be interesting to see where his career goes after that Masters collapse. I assume he’ll be just fine because he’s one of the two best golfers on the planet but only time will tell. That’s one perspective. Or you can look at it from a different perspective where Spieth is worth a gazillion dollars, has two major championship wins, got an invite to #SB2K16 AND he can flip a marshmallow off a golf ball and into his mouth. Look at it in those terms and Jordan Spieth is on top of the world.


PS- It will never not shock me when autocorrect changes marshmellow to marshmallow. Who’s fucking decision was it to spell it like that? An idiot, that’s who.