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These Shoes That Vibrate To Tell You Which Way To Turn When Walking Are The Stupidest Invention Ever

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CNT- To compensate for their bare-bones fares, budget carriers have developed no shortage of ways to add on to the price of your ticket: There are those carry-on fees, sure, but you may also pay for a seat assignment, water on board, or to even put that very carry-on in the overhead bin. In the past, officials at budget airline behemoth Ryanair have even toyed with the idea of charging passengers to use in-flight lavatories. A new product from easyJet is a bit less cringeworthy—and dare we say—a whole lot more creative. EasyJet’s latest creation is a pair of “smart shoes” called Sneakairs that have built-in vibrating sensors to direct wearers where to go: To mark a left turn, the left shoe vibrates; a vibrating right shoe instructs the wearer to turn right. The shoes are equipped with Bluetooth technology and are linked to a phone’s GPS—think real-time Google Maps, where the directions vibrate on your phone when it’s time to make a turn. At present, the associated app is only available for iPhone users.



What the fuck are we doing here? We’re talking about vibrating shoes that tell you which way to walk. Right turn, right shoe vibrates. Left turn, left shoe vibrates. We’re talking about goddamn vibrating shoes. Not a cure for cancer. Not a cure for AIDS. Not a cure for me sweating after I get out of the shower. We’re talking about vibrating shoes. I understand that it takes all types. Not everybody is gonna come up with a cure for the world’s most horrible diseases. But why in the holy hell do we have people working tirelessly on shoes that vibrate and tell you which way to turn? Why? Those man hours need to be spent elsewhere. We all have GPS on our phones and it works just fine. Are the point of these shoes so people stop having their heads buried in their phones when they walk? If it is, I respect these people for trying, but faces buried in phones are here to stay. Forever. No vibrating shoes is going to stop that. I guess my point is there are some things we just don’t need. Vibrating shoes that tell me how to get to a coffee shop might top that list.