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Mark My Words, "Don't Take My Goal Away" By The Backcheck Boys Will Be The Song Of Summer 2016

You know that feeling when you hear a new song for the first time and it just makes you want to roll down your car windows and drive around aimlessly while listening to it on repeat? Well stab that feeling with an EpiPen and that’s what you get from “Don’t Take My Goal Away” by the Backcheck Boys. In case you’re unfamiliar with the group that every teenage girl from Saskatoon to Halifax will be obsessing over, they’re made up of TSN’s Jeff O’Neill


Teenage heartthrob Jamie McLennan…


Misunderstood bad boy Martin Biron…


Zoolander stunt-double James Duthie…


And of course, Uncle Bob. Who probably murdered whoever made him dress like this as soon as they were done filming…


This jam couldn’t come out at a better time. We’re now just 10 days away from Memorial Day Weekend. The weather will finally stop sucking nuts 24/7. It’s that time of the year that Saturday/Sunday afternoons are either spent on the beach or at a BBQ with beers and babes and anything else that starts with the letter B. And what song will be playing non-stop all summer long? “Don’t Take My Goal Away”. You’re out at the bar on a Friday night? “Don’t Take My Goal Away”. No Shower Happy Hour at The OD this summer? “Don’t Take My Goal Away”. And don’t even get me started on how many wedding DJ’s are frantically running around right now making sure that they have this track for their playlists.

Sidenote: I wrote a little more in-depth about the Coach’s Challenge last month and here’s a link just in case you missed it. As someone who doesn’t like to bitch about an issue without giving a solution, however, here’s what I came up with:

So here is my plan to Make Coach’s Challenges Great Again, as proposed by an idiot. Just throw time limits on the bitch. If the offsides in question happened longer than 10 seconds prior to the goal, well then fuck that you shouldn’t be allowed to challenge it unless it was a grotesque missed gall. And then if you do actually challenge a call, well then the refs should only have 60 seconds to determine if it was offside or not. If they can’t make a decision in that amount of time, then again, it really didn’t have any impact on the goal that was scored…Also, maybe think about putting electric collars on the refs so if they make the wrong calls, they get shocked. That’ll stop them from shitting the bed on all these goals real quick. And once again, these are all thoughts from your local idiot.


h/t TSN