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Sinead O'Connor Says She's Going To Sue Her Entire Family Unless She Decides To Kill Herself First

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Live look at the O’Connors…






Clearly Sinead O’Connor went off the deep end sometime back in, I don’t know, the early 90s and I know mental health isn’t something to laugh at. But, at the same time if kind of is right here. All time threat from Sinead here. She hasn’t looked at her weekly planner just yet but she’s either suing the shit out of you guys or killing herself, it’s up in the air at the moment. Maybe she gets a lawyer in the morning, maybe she gets a gun, who knows? Plans are for suckers and you gotta just fly by the seat of your pants.



Tough spot for the family, however. You really never want your kin to kill themselves but you really, really never want to get sued and have to spend all that time in courtrooms and whatnot. Real Syclla and Charybdis situation they’ve got themselves in here.