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Footage Of Eagles Rookie DB Jalen Mills Declaring Beastwars At A LSU Practice Is A Fun Watch

Love the motor. Jalen Mills running through the gauntlet like a bull in a freaking china closet. Put him on kickoff, boot the ball to the 5 every time, and this kid will shed life itself before making the tackle at the 15. #29 should’ve stayed down for the rest of the season after getting ragdolled twice in 10 seconds.

A broken leg, slow-ish 40 time (4.61), and a domestic violence dispute in 2014 is the reason why Mills fell to the 7th round. Put him on Special Teams and have him fight his way up the ladder, but the Eagles could’ve found a steal in this kid. I’m not saying he’s a Brian Dawkins who can transform into Weapon X on the field, but for a late round pick I love the spunk.

PS – Haven’t seen anyone shed a tackle that well since Holly Mangold’s lead blocker got tossed into Hades. My knee still buckles from watching htis.