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All These Pandas Wanna Do Is Play In The Damn Leaves Lady!




That bitch needs to back the fuck up and let those pandas play in the leaves. What is she doing anyway? Sweeping up leaves at the zoo? It’s a zoo. Zoos aren’t places where cleanliness is a priority. Zoos are full of literal animal shit. No need to sweep up anything. If the pandas are happy then that’s all that matters. And they were happy and I get it. Playing in leaves is one of the dopest activities you can do when you’re a kid. One time we built a pile of leaves so big that we called the local news to come out and do a story on it. They never showed. Their loss. That video was also a weirdly poignant reminder to never ever have kids. They will destroy everything you work for. OR, if you’re gonna have kids, only have one. Cause once you have multiple kids they can work in tandem to make your life a living hell. The only thing those pandas enjoyed more than playing in the leaves was making the lady’s life miserable. Kids are the same way (I imagine, in my head).