Sixers Become 1st NBA Team To Debut Advertising On Their Jerseys, Announce It With Creepy Mascot Video

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The Philadelphia 76ers have become the first team in the NBA to put a sponsorship logo on player uniforms, striking a deal with StubHub for a spot on one of the hottest pieces of real estate available in sports. StubHub, a website that connects ticket buyers and sellers, will have its logo appear on the front left of the jersey in 2017-18 for the start of a three-year trial period. The patches will appear opposite Nike’s logo, and measure about 2½-by-2½ inches. StubHub’s jersey patch will be included on all jerseys sold at Sixers’ home games. “We’re so tightly associated with the event-going experience that it was natural for us to move aggressively and chase this opportunity,” StubHub President Scott Cutler said.

They say this NASCAR/MLS/Sell-Out move could generate $100 million annually for the NBA. I don’t think any of us are above cashing in on 8 figures for ANYTHING if it was our business, so I’m not going to blame this American corporation for making the most out of capitalism. But how the holy hell are the Philaelphia 76ers, one of the NBA’s most historic and celebrated franchises, getting only $5 mill a year for desecrating their jerseys? I don’t care how small the StubHub logo is, that seems a little light. We’re not just talking about the mark being on the uniform during gamedays, it’s going to be incorporated for all sold jerseys, too. If When the Sixers start to turn this process into reality, that’s an outright STEAL for StubHub. Good for them, I suppose. Even though the Sixers could’ve done a better job announcing this deal than with their blue bitch and a Betsy Ross/Ben Franklin costume combo straight out of a nightmare.

And the Sixers missed out not hiring the one true Ben Franklin in Philadelphia. This man’s right down to the bifocals and syphilis. Plus he for some reason battles giant cheesesteaks and gets whiz ejaculated his way. To each their damn own.

All righty then. Not too sure what we’re trying to do here, Visit Philly. Not too sure Ben Franklin shooting laser beams from his eyes at a giant cheesesteak is gonna bring in those tourism dollars, but to each their own. At least have them fight somewhere outside of Center City. Hell, take the battle out to Upper Darby and it still wouldn’t be the biggest brawl on any given day.