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Jon Snow Admits To Jimmy Fallon That His Girlfriend Knew He Was Gonna Be Alive So I Was Right




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I’m blogging this for one reason and one reason only and that’s to say I was right. I’m not right all that often so I get to celebrate the rare instances that it happens. Ygritte knew that Jon Snow was coming back to life because he told her because I knew he did. It would’ve been impossible for him not to tell her. If he had kept it a secret from her then they would’ve broken up. Because he would’ve gone on long trips and not been able to tell her where he was going and she would’ve just assumed he was cheating on her. So he obviously told her. Biggest non-secret in the world but the important thing is that I was right. Feel free to watch the rest of the clip with Snow and Fallon. Jon tells a made up story about how he got out of a speeding ticket with with a police officer by telling him Jon Snow’s fate but that’s about it.


PS- I said it in the first blog but Ygritte lying for her man gets me all hot and bothered. I think about that cave scene with Ygritte at least twice a week.