This Kid HATES His Graduation Gown And He's Got A Point



A couple things. One, impossible not to laugh when he’s talking about how he looks like he’s in a choir. Cause then h starts to pretend like he’s in a choir and then starts feeling himself and dancing. He totally forgot what he was talking about and was like, “Oh shit my dance moves are fire flames even if I do look like Grimace.” What a progression that was. Two, graduation gowns are fucking stupid. He’s got a point. I’m with him. Why do schools make you wear something from a cult or the Skulls movie to collect your diploma? It’s just a stupid pointless tradition at this point. The last thing you wanna do when you’re completely done with school is put on that stupid outfit. Kids should just stop wearing gowns. What is the school gonna do? Withhold your diploma? Okay they probably will do that and that’s fucking lame. Let the kids live. All I’m saying is it’s the last day of wearing the shackles of education. Let kids wear t-shirt and jeans. I don’t know how or when the whole gown thing started but it’s fucking stupid.


PS- The only people in the world who like graduation gowns are sorority girls. They love’em. They love them because it’s a photo opportunity. The only thing sorority girls love more than gossip is posing in their graduation gown in front of their sorority house and posting it on Facebook with a “SEE YA LATER!” caption.