Kylie and Tyga Broke Up So She Is Handling It The Only Way She Knows How--Instagram

Oh hell yeah King Kylie! That’s what I’m talking about. I don’t know nor care about the details of her and “Tyga’s” relationship and subsequent breakup, but what I do care about is how she went right to Instagram about it. Because the last time the two of them broke up, I did a blog about how she was going to burn Instagram to the ground and bring the Internet to it’s knees…and she didn’t really do anything much at all. But now…now’s the time baby. Kylie is single, ready to mingle, and ready to continue her quest to become more famous than Kim. This “Tyga” guy sidetracked her from her goal. Relationships, amiright? Always getting in the way of what’s really important- followers on social media. Well that jabroni is no longer in the picture. And a reminder for all you kids out there- relationships with Kardashians are temporary, but tattoos are forever. Good move, Tyga. Good move.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 9.48.12 AM

So now we play the waiting game. Will Kylie go full Kardashian? Will she have a facial on Brazzers by noon? We shall see, my friends, we shall see.