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Gregg Popovich Dropped Some Facials On Reporters During Last Night's Postgame Press Conference

Happy to see a great like Gregg Popovich fire off a few passive-aggressive answers on his way out the door. The reporters even got a couple of smiles out of Pop, which was real impressive. Usually he is just a giant salt shaker sitting at a podium after a rough loss. I feel like all the reporters that have to cover a Spurs game collect like $100 from each person and give out prizes based on reactions. A cash prize for the reporter that gets the shortest answer from Pop, the most condescending answer from Pop, and money has to be paid out to the guy that just gets The Look from Pop. Plus I imagine there is a rolling jackpot for any person that can actually get Pop to laugh after a brutal loss.

And Doris Burke may have cashed in a few bucks just for getting a decent sound bite out of Pop.

As for the upcoming Thunder-Warriors series, I think we all would have been bummed out if people told us before the playoffs that there would not be a Spurs-Warriors Western Conference Finals. But with the Thunder playing the way they have, with two of the best players in the NBA no less, I can’t wait to see this series start. And don’t forget the classic these two teams had in February, which led to what may have been the best moment of the season, when Steph won the game from the parking lot.

And the fact that tipoffs are at 9 PM ET is the best news of all. Most of America won’t be sleeping during 17-point Steph Curry overtime outbursts or Dell Curry getting cuckolded from five feet away. LETS GOOOOOOOO.