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Circus Clown Takes Normal Dad From The Audience And Knocks Him Out COLD

Enjoy the show, folks! Because this is the last one this circus is going to be giving out for the rest of their days. And for good reason. You can’t just have your Bozo bodyslamming people to the point of manslaughter. Speaking of which, what was the endgame here? A total backflip? Because I don’t see how this ends up without a lawsuit even if it is a “success”. Regardless, this Dad literally risked his neck to upgrade those cargo shorts to water proof Dockers, and he should get every dollar possible. It’s a miracle that spine didn’t shatter on impact. But good thing the clown’s roadie and the shirtless motorcycle of death guy in Arctic Goldeneye-level cameo pants was first on the scene to give medical attention. He very easily could’ve had SEVERE back/neck injuries that should’ve been stabilized STAT. Screw the stretcher or paramedics, just pick him up like a ragdoll and hurry him off stage in a tussle. Vagrant First-Aid 101.

Clowns, man. There’s a reason it’s OK to be afraid of them.