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Watching A Guy Off-Roading Like An Idiot And Basically Sinking His Car In Water Should Bring A Smile To Anyone's Face

Seeing somebody ruin their car after driving like an asshole is one of life’s simple pleasures, up there with fries at the bottom of a McDonald’s bag and the first sun dress day of the year. I guess you can lump hardos driving 110 in a 55 and then getting pulled over five miles down the road as well. The driver was probably SO stoked to see a guy and his girlfriend walking on the beach. Nothing like getting a girl’s pants wet with your sweet off roading as she walks the beach with her bf. Instead the only thing getting wet was what I imagine were his custom leather seats while that girl let out what we can all agree was a cute ass giggle.

Also, I am not sure if this is a popular opinion or not, but this is the most overrated arcade game of all-time.