This Lacrosse Magazine Interview With Bill Belichick Is Worth The Watch

I know that between actual work, having to listen to the 75 podcasts in the Barstool Sports Network and whatever else you have going on today, you may not have a full 14 minutes to devote to listening to Bill Belichick talking lax. But if you’re a fan of Belichick, a fan of lacrosse or better yet, a fan of both… well then I don’t want to jump the gun and call this a “must watch” but it’s pretty damn close.


This is how you know that Belichick is a special breed of human. Nobody actually wants to use their off-hand if they don’t have to. But here comes Bill just switching up from righty to lefty like it’s nothing. Has been playing so two-handed his entire life that even his kids still don’t know what’s his strong hand (I’m gonna go ahead and say Bill is a lefty). Also, I’m not sure why I’d expect anything different but you can tell that Bill Belichick is a real cerebral guy when it comes to watching the game of lacrosse. It’s pretty easy to watch the game and just end up following the ball around the field. The fact that Belichick’s favorite parts of the game are the off-ball movements and battles at the faceoff X just goes to show that he knows his shit. Also, his idea to take substitution out of the game and just have more back-and-forth action wasn’t terrible either. I played attack my whole life so obviously that wouldn’t bother me as much as it would suck for middies but I’d be cool with it for sure.

One last thing but again, I have to be that guy getting all defensive about people hating on lacrosse. Because you always hear people saying that lacrosse is either a sport that guys play in the offseason to stay in shape for their “real” sport or for guys who got cut from another team. Well in comes Bill Belichick basically saying that Paul Rabil would be the best athlete in any given NFL draft.

Does this mean that all lacrosse players are better athletes than football players? Not necessarily. But for the next 5-10 minutes I’m going to convince myself of such.