Sign Me The Fuck Up For The Hyperloop

Sign me the fuck up for the Hyperloop. First on the list. When the Mexicans finish President Trump’s wall we have to get them building the Hyperloop all across America. Fuck the airlines, fuck TSA, get me on this 700 MPH train ASAP. How is it that we have the technology to build this but we’re sending god damn Kodak cameras to snap pictures of Pluto instead? Build me this train, Obama! Imagine just zooming around the country at the speed of light. Right now it takes 4 hours to drive from LA to Vegas. This thing will do it in 20 minutes! Right now it takes 40 hours to drive from LA to New York. With the Hyperloop that gets cut down to a little more than 3. Just straight chillin on the train, probably has some pretty decent WiFi too. I mean sure, the first time one of these bad boys crashes it’ll be chaos, but whatever, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Such a Hyperloop guy I can’t stand it. I love living in the future. This is the type of shit we have been waiting for. I don’t even need flying cars. I feel flying cars and hoverboards (actual hoverboards, not these bullshit wheel things people call hoverboards) are the two signs we are literally in the future. But fuck flying cars. People can barely drive properly on the ground, I don’t need to add flight into the equation. Just build this high speed rail all across America (and release the UFO info) and we’ll be cookin with fire.