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Max Scherzer Ties The Major League Record With A 20 Strike Out Game

The Nats do not take a day off. Max Scherzer added his name to the history book today, throwing a 20 strike out gem. 20! Tying Clemens, Kerry Wood, and Randy Johnson as the only guys to do it in 9 innings. Just insane. 9 out of the first 10 outs were punch outs. And he threw only 119 pitches, 96 of which were strikes. 96 out of 119. My lord.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 9.58.28 PM

Of course nothing is without controversy, as he entered the 9th and immediately gave up a HR. But after striking out the next guy, he was at 114 pitches with 19 Ks. Max was never coming out of this game. You go for baseball history every time there. Max would have let his arm fall off his body before he was coming out of this one. Sure Dusty has this reputation for keeping guys in too long, but this wasn’t on him. No sir. Max is a horse and was going for it every single time. Just an awesome performance by Max. 2 no hitters last season, and a 20k game this year. That big fat contract looking alright for right now.

PS: Wouldn’t even have been shocked if Rendon “accidentally” bobbled the ball on the ground out to give him one more chance. Feits put it nicely: