Bryce Suspended One Game And Fined For Yelling At The Ump On Monday


Obviously this suspension is more because the way it was caught directly on camera than the fact he said “fuck you” to an ump. If players were suspended every time they cursed at an ump nobody would be playing baseball tonight. This is because it became such a big story and MLB can’t just let their umps get shown up like that so blatantly. Worse things get said to umps on a daily basis, it just so happened to be Bryce and right in the middle of the TV screen and then shown in slow motion 1000 times on ESPN afterwards. So I mean, yeah, I get it, it’s just kinda lame to suspend a guy for using a “bad word” like it’s some sort of high school detention. Hey MLB:

EDIT: I guess some people are trying to argue it’s because he returned to the field. 1) The game was over, and 2) John Farrell returned to the field after he was ejected last Friday and wasn’t suspended. You’re NUTS if you don’t think it’s because he got caught on camera saying fuck you.


Whenever it comes to players and umps/refs, I always end up going down YouTube rabbit holes of hockey players mic’d up. Just players and refs going back and forth. Nice way to spend an evening.