Mailtime Presents..."Where Were You When?" Featuring Big Cat, Feitelberg, Kmarko, Clem And JJ

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Life is filled with Where Were You When? moments. Hopefully good. Often times bad. But they are moments where you can vividly recall exactly where you were and what was happening the instant something went down. Doesnt matter how old you were then or how old you are now, you always remember.

Bartolo inspired this episode. I will never forget where I was when I got word he went yard. Unfortunately its a longer story than just “I was watching it on TV in the comfort of my own home.” But everyone has their own Where Were You When moments, so we called on a bunch of the other bloggers to share their stories. Big Cat, Feits, Kmarko, Clem and JJ all gave us their best (and worst) memories. An episode of Mailtime with 6 bloggers on the track??? Its LIT.