It's About Time Steph Curry Got A 99 Overall Rating In NBA2K16

CBS Sports- Stephen Curry broke the video game mold. Literally. You can’t do in NBA 2K16 what the Golden State Warriors’ superstar does in real life because his game on the real court is too hard to comprehend with the checks and balances in the video game coding. But after winning the first unanimous MVP in NBA history, that’s all going to change for 30 hours.

Under Armour announced on Tuesday that for 30 hours beginning on Thursday after Game 5 of the Warriors’ series against Portland, 2K16 will bump Curry to a 99 overall rating. This will apparently make him the greatest shooter in NBA 2K history.

Hey NBA2K, welcome to the 2015-16 NBA season. You guys apparently missed a shitload of awesome Vines and GIFs. We have been calling Steph Curry a video game for months now. Actually, we have been calling him a video game glitch. Real life NBA Jam. Yada, yada, yada. If this season’s Curry wasn’t a 99 overall until last night, it is basically impossible for a guy to be a 99 overall in the game. Because even though he isn’t a perfect player, this dude was a 99 before the Warriors won number 73, he won the unanimous MVP, and that 17-point overtime. Unless you are a “hahhhd mahhkuhh” like Mike Francessa I guess.

Also, as a video game OG, I still cannot believe that NBA2K replaced NBA Live as the official basketball video game. If you were in charge of NBA Live when the ship sank, you should hang your head in shame every single day. I mean don’t get me wrong, NBA2K was a game changer back in the Dreamcast days. NFL 2K was legit too. But I never thought I’d see EA Sports give up the throne after having such a big head start. I can’t even imagine how many gallons of blood leaked out of my eyes as I played NBA Live 95 all day and night. At least MVP/Triple Play Baseball can blame losing its MLB license as the reason it fell off. And they were still banging out classics when that happened. I guess the king don’t always stay the king when it comes to video games.

PS: Steph, your shoes. WOOF!