Orlando Bloom Must Have A Death Wish Or Something




So this was lost in all the Bieber mania yesterday. I guess Orlando Bloom was basically fingering Selena in a Vegas Club. Some dudes just don’t learn huh? I mean how many times does Bieber have to knock this dude’s block off. It’s not even that Bieber gives a fuck about Selena. It’s just about protecting your property. And make no mistake about it. Selena is Biebers property period. The only reason she’s even doing this is to get his attention like a prissy bitch. Well Bloom picked the wrong day to get on Bieber’s bad side. Dude just basically had a meltdown from too many people taking his picture and shit. Homie ain’t gonna fucking mess around. Gonna hurt him real bad. Bloom has a whoopin coming and you can’t say he doesn’t deserve it.

PS – I hate the fact I was sort of turned on be this PDA. It’s Selena’s shimmy dress and how her leg is just hanging out. So sexy. So slutty. Bieber is gonna punish her so bad. Bad fish.