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A High School Kid Called A Muslim Student A Terrorist And Call It A Hunch But He Probably Won't Try That Again


Sounds like someone should have heeded this kid’s trigger warning, you don’t go dropping stereotypes about terrorism in the Muslim community around him without some serious and ironically explosive consequences. And truthfully I’m not mad at it one bit. That kid may be Muslim but with how he was slinging n-bombs and rushing to violence despite being in school, you know he’s as American as apple pie. If he regularly called out of school for flying lessons or family emergencies with his uncle who seems to always be accompanied by the sound of a ticking clock then maybe I can see being a dick. But it’s 2016, when it’s as cut and dry as this and you’re just judging some kid solely for his religion, then you probably deserve the righteous pigless fists of Allah to rain down upon you.


Also something I’ve learned as an adult that I wouldn’t have expected to think as someone who came of age in a post 9/11 world: Muslim-American girls are wildly underrated as a group. From my experience they’re usually pretty chill, upwardly mobile, and surprisingly busty as a people. The downside is a lot don’t drink but the upside is they feel like they have to overcompensate for that by generally being more open minded in other respects that would disqualify them from being part of a compensation package for a martyr. Classic win-win-win for you, them, and America.


(h/t Flyheight)