Budweiser Has Got Some Serious Balls For Changing The Labels Of Bud Heavies To Simply "America"


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InBev – A-B InBev on Tuesday, May 10, confirmed the limited-edition label change, saying “America” would replace “Budweiser” on the front of 12-oz. cans and bottles. The packaging will run from May 23 through election season in November, the brewer stated. The agency that handled the design change is Jones Knowles Ritchie, New York. The packaging will be accompanied by a summer-long campaign called “America is in Your Hands.” A national TV spot featuring the cans and bottles will premiere on June 1.

So there it is. Only in America could a Belgian owned company claim to be as American as apple pie can get away with legitimately changing the name of their beer to simply: AMERICA. A brilliant move if you ask me. Like the JoePa brew that’s the perfect, smooth beer for sitting back, relaxing, and allowing a child abuser to thrive right under your nose for over a decade, people are only going to buy this beverage for the name. Nothing more, nothing less. And dammit, they should. What’s more American than drinking a Goddamn beer named America, right? So do you, Bud. The King Of Beers and Lords of using any sort of advertising other than the quality of your product to sell alcohol.

Exhibit A: Lost Puppies.

Take notes, marketing executives. THIS is how you pull at the heartstrings of America without using sex, humor, or really promoting your product. If you’re out of original ideas just throw up a warm and fuzzy story with a puppy. Marketing 101. 100% of the time, it works every time. Budweiser: Doing anything to tug at your heart while subliminally telling you to go get shitcanned.

Exhibit 2: #SaluteAHero….OhAndMoreImportantlyBuyBeerCauseThatsTheRealPointOfThis


I’m not knocking the messages at all, but what the hell did either have to do with beer? These types of ads done solely for the commercial shock value always piss me off. Subjecting cute pups and American heroes* into a message solely to seem sappy and get you to love their brand is genius, but has absolutely nothing to do with Bud Heavies. NOTHING. If it did have to do with the beer then those ads would feature a variety of NASCAR wear, a lot less pants, and a lot more trailers with furniture on the front lawn.

*O/U comments I get called a Commie asshole because I’d rather see our troops and veterans get real respect, care, and honor instead of fake patriotism in a Super Bowl Ad which, in the end, is all about the bottom line of selling beer: 76.5.