Least Shocking News Of All Time - The Vaping Congressman Has Been Using Govt Money For Video Games And Jack In The Box

(Source) Rep. Duncan D. Hunter, R-Alpine, says he has written personal checks totaling almost $12,000 to reimburse his campaign treasury for personal and mistaken expenditures in 2015 and the first quarter of this year.

The reimbursements covered $6,150 of campaign money paid to Hunter’s children’s school, $811 paid to an oral and facial surgeon and $4,935 in “event support items” and “event donation items” and such that Hunter’s office declined to identify with any more specificity.

“The charges should never have happened but regardless of who made them and when, Congressman Hunter is taking full responsibility — and that includes responsibility for resolution,” said a statement from Hunter’s Congressional spokesman, Joe Kasper.

Separately, Hunter’s office says, the campaign treasury has been made whole for some $1,300 in video game charges that Hunter, R-Alpine, has described as fraudulent activity on his campaign credit card. The credit card company reversed the charges.

In addition to the video games, tuition, oral or facial surgery and surf shop fees, Hunter also used his campaign funds, according to the Union-Tribune, for 106 trips to the gas station, totaling $5,660; 16 visits to the fast food chain Jack In the Box, for $297; 40 stops at various supermarkets like Trader Joe’s, for $6,819; $229 at the Tomorrowland gift shop at Disneyland; $1,569 in gas, electric and water bills for his home (an illegal expense even though Hunter runs his campaign from his home); and a $216 “food/beverages” charge at a jewelry store in Italy that sells no ingestible goods.





And this my friends is why you can’t trust vape guys. One second they’re vaping in your face in the middle of a building, telling you how clean and safe it is and the next they’re spending hundreds of dollars on video games and Jack In The Box. I feel like this happens every few years too. There will be some alternative to cigarettes that comes along and a new wave of people will hop on board and they will all be the most untrustworthy people on the face of the earth. The nicorrete gum crowd, or the e-cigarette bros. Listen, smoking is bad for you, you shouldn’t do it, but with that said I still hold a quiet respect for smokers that stay committed. It’s these one foot in one foot out people that fucking suck. The alternative to a cigarette is no cigarette. People who vape are just looking to cut corners, they’re the people that want the coolness of smoking with none of the health factors. Sorry, the world doesn’t work that way. So no I’m not shocked the vaping congressman uses his company card for his own pleasure, that’s exactly what I expect from Vape people. They want to vape indoors and tell you how clean and safe vape is while the cig smokers are stuck 100 yards away from the nearest entrance. Fuck that, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, just smoke a heater whenever you get drunk like the rest of us normals.