And Here We Have Jon Stewert Talking At Length About Donald Trump And The Media

Look, I’m not here to tell anyone to vote for. I’m personally not fond of anyone in this election. And I think until we get the root of the problem (dickloads of money) out of politics, we’re not in that great of shape (maybe we all should’ve given John McCain more credit for being the last person to really care about campaign finance reform, or, you know, making sure billion dollar companies and individuals won’t direct politics and policy). But I do believe Jon Stewart is an extremely intelligent person who breaks things down to simpletons like myself in a comedic way, and I miss that on The Daily Show. I’m posting this because there are countless other people who appreciate that or others outside the comment section who can watch this and evaluate their own opinions for themselves. Plus like him or not, he’s dead right about the media. It’s not about Trump and conservatives or Hilary and the democrats. It’s about the media on both sides forcing everyone apart more than usual, and it sucks. There’s very little that’s objective out there anymore. Shit, even head honchos at Facebook are suppressing conservative stories from going viral on the newsfeed, which is beyond wrong and UnAmerican. In the end, aren’t we all on the same team? Now excuse me, I must go back to directing my attention to more important things in life like worrying about who the fuck is going to quarterback the Eagles come fall/forever.