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Nats Lock Strasburg Up For 7 Years, 175 Million

Out of fucking nowhere tonight, while Strasburg is pitching no less, it leaked that he signed a 7 year, 175 million dollar extension. I did the math and between him and Scherzer the Nats are on the books for somewhere around 800 billion dollars over the next 7 seasons. Starting pitching is the most important thing in baseball, and the Nats have two phenomenal pitchers locked up long term. Add in young gun Lucas Giolito, baseball’s number 1 pitching prospect, and this team is strongggg for the foreseeable future.

Now of course, everything comes back to Bryce, who will command ridiculous money when he’s available in a couple years. The Nats have unlimited funds, and they know Bryce will be looking for half a billion. They signed Strasburg fully knowing this, and fully willing to give Bryce that money. The Lerners wallet never ends, if anything showing that they are committed to the future will help their case with him, not hurt it. Should be fun to see how much these guys are willing to spend on 3 players. Could end up being more than the GDP of medium sized countries.