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A Corrections Officer Lady Went Nuts And Tore Up A Deli Because They Shorted Her On Her Change By A Penny


NBC NY – A recently retired correction officer was captured on surveillance video shouting at a Brooklyn deli owner, allegedly yelling “I’m the motherf—ing police!” when she became angry over a missing penny from the change she was given.

Joyce Fields, 48, was making purchases inside the deli in Clinton Hill Friday afternoon when she got angry over a penny missing from $14 in change she was given, the store’s owner and officials said.

She demanded the penny, and when he placed it on the counter, she became even more irate that he didn’t place it in her palm, the store owner told NBC 4 New York.

Police responded to Bin Hadi’s call, and Fields was arrested at the scene on charges of impersonating a police officer and criminal mischief, police said.

Fields retired from the Department of Corrections last week, on April 28, after 25 years on the job, according to the department.


I get people have different world views and life experiences that shape us all in different ways and I also completely understand that some people are complete fucking cheap asses who go nuts over saving money and making sure they get every cent they possibly can out of the world. But how does a penny of all things get you to this place where you’re going absolutely batshit insane in a deli in such a comical and embarrassing way like this? In terms of both value to society and social worth, a penny is about the lowest of the low. People fucking leave pennies hanging out just to pay it forward with “Find a penny, leave a penny” cups by a register. Even a homeless dude would spit in your face if you tried giving him a penny and walking away. So to get that bent out of shape over a penny for any sort of financial reason is straight up “Put this lady in jail with her former coworkers and never let her out” insane, a sign of a person not tethered to the world we live in.


But I bet based solely upon her job, this isn’t about the penny at all. Now I admit all I know of corrections officers is from news stories like this, movies or TV, and the Stanford experiment but based on all this research, I feel like this sort of attitude is what makes them good at that job. Any sign of the slightest disrespect to your delicate ego, you immediately go 0-100 and put the person in line. She’s probably missing the validation without doing that since she retired a couple weeks ago and now she’s lost without it, forced to flash her badge and act out on innocent deli men. The insecurity and need for respect that made her great as a career corrections officer makes her a terrible human being out in the wild. Sad. It’s like a Greek tragedy if a Greek tragedy also resulted in a bunch of racially charged Internet comments.


PS It took me so fucking long to figure out what her hair/hairline reminded me of: