Sam Bradford Is Back In The Building

Great. Now everyone can calm their tits (except for the Philly media which will still beat this thing through the ground throughout the entire summer). Almost involved in this situation fucked up. The front office for not having the slightest inkling to how Bradford would respond to anything. Bradford for either being a puss, or most likely having his agent dictate to everyone that he is a puss while trying to get leverage. Players and former teammates giving out their opinions when nobody asked. This whole thing just stinks.

And, no, I still don’t think Sam Bradford will be in an Eagles uniform this season. The entire organization, Bradford included, allowed this to become an extremely toxic situation. Shit, even the rookie ginger is taking shots at Sam. You can’t have a man lead a team like this. Howie is a huge snake and realizes Bradford’s $11 mill cap hit will only be $5.5 come June 1st. Look for him to be at least shopped to other teams around that time. Still though, super fun happy great sign going into a season where your proclaimed starting QB and best player on defense are in pissy moods. Can’t wait for opening day! Again, if Doug Pederson starts his career with an home opening loss to the Browns, life will somehow, someway, be more meaningless.