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Another Travel Tip: Not A Good Idea To Yell "I'm Going To Detonate A Bomb Because They Won't Serve Me Beer" On A Plane

Express- The drama was reported to have kicked off after the plane took off from Tenerife yesterday evening en route to the Spanish mainland. He was said to have caused a commotion when stewards would not serve him a beer, according to local reports. He then reportedly claimed he had a bomb which he would detonate, leading to among passengers and crew. Witnesses described the man as looking “visibly agitated”. Local newspaper El Correo Gallego said the man rose from his seat and ran down the aisle shouting “there’s a bomb! It’s going to explode!” Several passengers confirmed the man said: “I’m going to detonate a bomb because they won’t serve me beer.” The plane was surrounded by the Civil Guard once it landed and fire service and passengers were told to stay in their seats.



You know the DMX lyric, “You better bust that if you goin’ pull that”? Basically saying if you’re gonna pull a gun then you better plan on using it? Well that’s where I’m at with this story about a guy yelling about a bomb on an airplane. If you say you have a bomb with you, you better have a fucking bomb with you. Don’t scare people for no reason. That’s just mean. Let me be clear. For sure don’t take a bomb on an airplane. Don’t do that. You’re a Grade A asshole if you do that but at least you’re an asshole who means business. What I’m saying is, if you threaten to blow up a bomb on an airplane, at least have the decency to actually have a bomb. Empty threats waste everybody’s time. If you don’t have a bomb then threaten to kick somebody’s ass if you don’t get a beer. Don’t over reach with your threats and cause a big scene just because the flight attendant won’t give you a Bud Light*. That’s all I’m saying.


*You know what I always drink on planes? An ice cold Coca-Cola. Not sure why. It just tastes better at 35,000 feet.


PS- That scene from Meet The Parents is one of the best Ben Stiller scenes ever.