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I Can't Make Heads Or Tails Of Trump Using Pictures Of His Ex-Wife As A Placemat





I’m in a labyrinth right now. Is using your ex-wife as a placemat a power move or a sissy move? I think it’s a sissy. Because this was an accident. This looks like Trump was flipping through old photos of his ex-wife and then someone brought him in his lunch and The Wall. Not really the image that the tough guy bully wants to project, right? Trump is in his office, listening to Views, rifling through pictures of his ex? Suck it up, you brown girl. (note: “brown girl” is the meanest insult imaginable for a Trump fan).



BUT! Something does save him: it’s the fact that she’s in the bikini. You see, if you’re looking at romantic old pics of the gf/wife, it’s a little lame. I’m not gonna pretend I don’t have ANY emotions, I do look at an old picture here and there, but they gotta be nudies. That’s a major key. Nudies you can keep forever (as long as you hide them well when you get a new girl) and look at whenever you want. That’s the fault line: does it make you feel things? GAYYYYYYY. Does it give you a boner? Ok, look at those old pics, playboy.